Terms & Conditions for Use of Material – Rights of Intellectual Property

The legal information and the terms of the present include the complete services of the company with the name Ploumis-Sotiropoulos and the domain ploumis-sotiropoulos.gr as well as the exclusive cooperation which our company has with the international company Christie’s International Real Estate and its domain christiesrealestate.com, including for example but not only, its passages, news, graphics, photographs, plans, designs, services and in general every kind of files which are objects of intellectual property and which are covered by the national and international laws concerning intellectual property.

Therefore, it is forbidden to by any means reproduce, reduplicate, copy, store, sell, transmit, distribute, publish, execute, download, translate, or change in any way parts or summaries of the above content.

More specifically our company, in its operation in the field of local and international real estate manages exclusively properties in order to sell or lease them. For this purpose the photographs of the properties belonging to our clients are shown in the formal domains of ploumis-sotiropoulos.gr and christiesrealestate.com and are its original intellectual creation which can execute any material and moral right according to the law ν.2121-1993 (Α’ 25) in order to protect its legal rights from any user who has the purpose to reproduce and publish these in a printed or electronic manner.

The materials which are in the above domains of our company may only be republished after the written application of the interested parties and the written consent and permission of the legal representative of our company and for a specific time frame.

In addition it is not allowed in any way to use the original photographs and the name of the company and its association or simple mention of our company in publishing of the press both printed and electronic which are not in direct connection with the commercial activities of the company without the written consent of its legal representative.

According to the above, the visitor/user of our company domain, by using the information or services which are offered though the above formal domains of our company, agrees and accepts the terms of the present and is legally bound by them.

The terms of the present supersede any oral or written communication or agreements between the parties.