Stylish Seaside Villa in Antiparos

Stylish Seaside Villa in Antiparos



Stylish Seaside Villa in Antiparos

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This small Cycladic island has become a haven for renowned artists and actors from around the world who have chosen it as an inspirational place to build their summer homes. Set in a quiet natural area just beyond the outskirts of the picturesque village of Chora, this villa of 382m² is designed to resemble a sun with five planets. The main building includes the living and dining areas, while five satellite constructions connected by terraces feature six bedroom suites and two staff rooms. An overflow swimming pool with breathtaking sunset views allows the body and soul to relax. A small swimming cove on the sea lies a few steps below, while a beautiful large beach is just a few minutes walk away. The plot of land measures 9.716m² and may be purchased either with permit to build, or with the house fully built and in turn-key condition including the specification of the buyer within 18 months.

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